Apple and iOS fans have always felt superior holding their devices that flaunt the half bitten apple. However, the one thing that they always look forward to even with their ‘superior’ devices is the need to jailbreak these devices.

iOS Jailbreak Advantages

Jailbreak provides the iOS users the ability to access several features and apps that are otherwise barred. There is no denying the fact that jailbroken iOS devices have more features and customized options than the ones that are jailed. You can customize the app locks, passwords and other such features. For this reason, the number of jailbreak app developers has steadily increased. Jailbreak apps allow you to access those features and options that are otherwise available only when the company wants you to access them. The waiting period could be till the next update of the operating system is launched or sometimes these features might be available only to certain versions of the devices.

iOS Jailbreak Disadvantages

However, users must understand that jailbreaking their Apple devices can leave their warranty as void which means that they would lose support from Apple, officially. Moreover, if the iOS updates have been downloaded from the Apple Store, the device is restored to the non-jailbroken state again. You also put your iOS device’s security at risk once you get it jailbroken. Therefore, choose to jailbreak your device only when you are ready for these risks and void warranty.

iOS Jailbreak apps can be divided into two categories:

Apps that do not require permission: There are some apps that do not require any sort of access permission to operate. The apps that fall in this category include NES emulators, system wide screen recording apps, Torrent clients etc.

System level access: There are other apps that require system level access. Such apps include locking apps with custom passwords and apps that help you modify the feel and look of the iOS etc.

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How to Jailbreak your iOS Device?

Jailbreaking your device is not at all difficult. With our easy to use apps, you can easily jailbreak your devices and use them as per your requirement.

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