iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10 Jailbreak has been released

Enthusiastic Apple device users are not just talking about the new features of the iOS 10 operating system but talks about iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities have also begun. Users do not like to be tied with the permissions granted by the company and hence the talk of jailbreak has always existed right from the first iPhone to the iOS 9.3.3.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

Fearing that the jailbreak for iOS 10 would be instantaneously available once the operating system is available, Apple first introduced the beta versions of the OS. There were a total of 8 versions that were offered to testers and developers.

The company tried to plug the vulnerabilities in the iOS 9.3.3 and released iOS 9.3.4 followed by 9.3.5 that contained critical security measures. There are all possibilities in the world that the jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 would work for iOS 10 as well. In fact our team have already identified and tested the jailbreak for iOS 10 using the beta version of the operating system and this was demonstrated at the MOSEC 2016.

Here is a quick way to download the jailbreak app on iOS 10:

  • Download the iOS 10 jailbreak app by clicking this buttons onto your PC or MAC.
  • Once you get the setup file, run it and connect your device to DFU mode.

After entire process your device with iOS 10 firmware now has the iOSJBK app icon installed. All the latest updates related to iOS 10 are now available to you.

Solutions to jailbreak iOS 10

The devices from Apple Inc. have always intrigued its owners and they are always looking for ways and features that make their devices work better and faster. Apple has already launched iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 along with iOS 10.

The introduction of iOS 10 has infused a new sense of charm for Apple devices. Although there aren’t any major changes to the firmware aesthetics, some very good features have been introduced to the version. We’ll talk of these features later as we first need to know the compatibility of the operating system with the devices that you possess.

iOS 10 compatibility

The new operating system iOS 10 will work with iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2, iPad 3 and iPod touch 6th generation and higher. The devices that are using the 30-pin dock and Lightning will not be able to run on the new OS.

New features of iOS 10 jailbreak

There are a host of new features introduced in this version of the operating system. some of these features are as follows:

  • Rich lockscreen notifications
  • Water detection
  • Vanquish all notifications with one touch
  • De-cluttered control center
  • Graphical 3D shortcuts
  • Siri works with 3rd party apps
  • Advanced computer vision photos
  • These are only a few features of the new iOS 10 jailbreak as there are a host of others that are equally appealing.